Jagira Aykmar


V- Jagira Aykmar, BH, IPO 3, IGP 3, HD/ED normal, ZW-74 (12/2019) DM clear.

We imported Jagira from the Czech republic. She is a two time res. CACT and competed in the Czech nationals!  She is 5 times IPO/IGP 3 and is a very serious & impressive female that is a joy to live with and a joy to watch working. "Gira", as we call her, has a very impressive temperament,  is loving and sweet with us and our children yet she was a very defined "switch". From her breed survey in the Czech republic: " Considerable hardness, courage and fight drive ".  She brings all of the wonderful characteristics we value in a German Shepherd dog. It is our belief that a sound breeding program requires a high caliber, quality bitch and we found those qualities in Gira. Many thanks to Zdenek & Ludmilla for the opportunity to acquire her.


SG-Emma Aykmar, IPO 1, HD/ED 0/0 (Jagira's mother)

 Emma is a full sister (litter mate) to SG-Extreme Orex Aykmar, IPO 3. Czech national champion (CACT) and WUSV competitor!


SG-Gerry vom Weißeritztal, IPO 3, FH2, SCHH 3, HD/ED normal. (Jagira's father)

Gerry is a top-level competition working dog. Two time Bundessiegerprüfung  competitor (2013 & 2015) as well as many other regional championship competitions.

2019 Czech Nationals - IGP 3

92 points in protection!

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