Potter Hexer

Potter Hexer, Czech import

Potter Hexer, OFA Good - Czech Import

Potter Hexer, or "Ax" as we call him, was imported from the Czech republic at 13 months of age. He had a lot of training over there and came to us with a solid foundation. He is a son of SG- Kenn Jipo ME, IPO 3 and  VD- Latoyalee Hexer,ZVV1.  Ax's pedigree consists of some really great Czech, Slovak and German dogs from infamous kennels such as Anrebri, Aritar Bastet, Jipo-Me,  Ha Ja Da  & Pohranicni Straze (the old Czech border patrol kennel) among others.  Ax has extreme drive and will work all day long. He is always on and ready to go with explosive energy. His protection work is fierce, focused and furious! What I love the most about Ax is that he is so very loving and ready to play ball with just about anyone he meets, but is willing to protect his home and family on the "flip of a switch".  You will always find a ball in his mouth, big or small! Ax is still training for his BH & IGP 1.

Best  traits

  • Extreme prey drive, well suited for all working aspects
  • Balanced dog for every day life
  • No people aggression without "reason"
  • Medium-sized male with good proportions, agile & quick
  • Dark pigment
  • Extreme bond with handler

Kenn Jipo-Me

SG- Kenn Jipo-Me, IPO 3, HD/ED 0/0 , DNA

Ax's father

Latoyalee Hexer

VD- Latoyalee Hexer, IPO 1, ZVV1, Hips/Elbows 0/0

Ax's mother


Ax at 9 months in Czech Republic

Potter Hexer - retrieve over meter jump